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Identify Slide For a More Effective DEIB Training


DEIB (Diversity, Equity, Inclusion, and Belonging) work can be uncomfortable for you as the facilitator and for your participants. Your role as the facilitator is to create a psychologically safe place for every participant to show up as their authentic selves because they are human. Inclusion is the basic level of psychological safety.

How you, as the facilitator, show up is crucial for modeling a safe space where everyone feels that they belong. When I facilitate DEIB conversations and training, I include what I call an identity slide in my PowerPoint deck to begin making a connection with participants and start building trust.

I use this slide to introduce myself at the beginning so that participants can begin making connections with me and their experiences. It also leads to questions about my federal experience, like which agencies I worked for.

By sharing dimensions of my identity with participants, I begin setting a climate where it is safe for others to share authentic dimensions of themselves. I don’t use this slide in all of the training and meetings that I facilitate. I use it specifically when the sessions relate to DEIB.

Here is an example of my intro slide.

Team Diversity

Create an identity slide that shares aspects of your identity you are comfortable sharing. You can change the dimensions to make a stronger connection depending on your audience. I’d love to hear how it works for you! 

About the Author

Deadra Welcome is the Founder and Principal Consultant of Concerning Learning LLC. She has trained and coached thousands of professionals from executives to individual contributors. Deadra’s passion for making learning extraordinary continues to elevate culture within corporations, non-profit entities, and government agencies on business, human resources, diversity and inclusion, and leadership development topics. Using a unique blend of instructional design, facilitation, and coaching techniques, she equips employees with key skills that lead to improved organizational and individual performance.

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