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Courses for Team Facilitators & Coaches

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Team Consultant

Team Consultant Academy

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In Team Consultant Academy, you’ll gain all the skills and knowledge you need to make any team successful. Build your toolkit of agendas, activities, and assessments that you can use with any team you work with in the future.

Team Stages

Stages of Our Team

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The perfect activity to kick-off your team building session (even virtual meetings). Guide a team into conversation about where they are and what will help them move on to the next level.

Master Model Better Team

Master the Better Teams Model & Assessment

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Master the Better Teams Model & Assessment so you can facilitate high-impact team building sessions that empower teams to celebrate their strengths and identify opportunities to improve the team.

Courses for Leaders

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Team Challenges

Navigate Team Challenges

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Overcome change, conflict, and low-performance to get your team back on track.

Team Relationships

Strengthen Team Relationships

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Cultivate strong team bonds to increase employee satisfaction, retention, and trust.


Team Leadership

Leadership Re-Boot

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A program for the busiest of leaders who want to get re-energized and excited about work and life again.

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