Using AI to Create a Commemorative Team Poem

Using AI to Create a Commemorative Team Poem

One fun way I utilize Artificial Intelligence (AI) is to write commemorative poems for groups or teams.  I’ve always enjoyed a thoughtful poem shared at special moments or events.  My husband’s family is famous for their poems at weddings, funerals, or special celebrations. Writing a good poem can take hours, so it’s never something I thought of doing for teams until I met ChatGPT.  Once I discovered that AI can write an excellent poem in seconds, I’ve “written” multiple poems for a variety of groups and teams.

As you read some samples below, keep in mind that because these are personal, they probably won’t have any emotional significance for you.  Also, I’ve only included a few stanzas from each, so they are incomplete. When you write your poem and it’s about people, experiences, places that you all know, it creates a strong emotional connection. And, as with all work created by ChatGPT your prompts, redirection, and final editing are important for a quality product.

Below are some excerpts of poems I’ve written with the aid of ChatGPT.

The first poem I wrote was for a group of volunteers I work with at an animal sanctuary for farm animals. My command to ChatGPT was: “write a poem about a donkey named Wonkey Donkey who loves  powdered donuts and lives at The Farm”.  The original poem talked about a brown donkey, so I had to inform ChatGPT that Wonkey is white. 

Wonkey Donkey, white as snow
Loves powdered donuts, don't you know?
In The Farm he frolics and plays
Braying happily throughout his days.
Powdered sugar on his snout
He doesn't mind, not one bit, no doubt
For his love for donuts is pure and true
Oh Wonkey Donkey, we adore you.

Then, I wrote a poem for my book club using these commands: “write a fun poem about our "Beachin' Bookclub" who met at Marti's house and sat on her porch overlooking a sunset on the marsh while talking about the book "Remarkably Bright Creatures" and talking about lots of other things including AI while eating cowboy cookies and sipping wine”.

Here are just two stanzas from that poem:

At Marti's house, where seagulls squawk,
The Beachin' Bookclub held its talk,
A sunset with a sense of humor,
Spreading giggles like a rumor.
On her porch, we lounged and chortled,
With "Remarkably Bright Creatures," we snorted,
The plot's hijinks set us a-roaring,
As we pondered octopi exploring.

I also created the following poem after a weekend retreat with a group of facilitators called the Jedi Council.  I asked everyone to share favorite moments and sayings, and then guided ChatGPT  to create a 10 stanza poem that made us all smile and laugh.  Here are just a few of those stanzas:

In Charlottesville, VA the Jedi Council met,
A gathering of colleagues, they'd never forget,
At Rockfish Ranch, they united with glee,
Bonding and laughing, a sight to see.
Mastermind they practiced, brainstorming with cheer,
Receiving peer coaching, as ideas grew clear.
They stayed up into the wee hours, friendships declared.
Leigh Ann thanked Andi, for the giggles they shared.

Finally, here is one last poem that I wrote with you, a reader of my Better Teams blog, in mind:

Dear blog readers, seeking team-building glee,
Prepare for antics that'll make you all agree.
Better Teams' blog is here to provide,
Activities that'll make your teams thrive.
So buckle up, readers, it's time to explore,
Hilarious challenges, there's so much in store.
With Better Teams' blog as your trusty guide,
Unleash the fun, and let teamwork collide!

Instructions to write your own poem with ChatGPT

  1. Determine what you want your poem to be about and think of specific names, places, words, emotions you want to include.
  2. Instruct ChatGPT (or another AI tool) to write a poem with those things.
  3. Revise the poem as needed, instructing the AI to make your poem shorter or longer, funnier or more serious, depending on what you are doing and the emotional reaction you hope to evoke.
  4. Make the final edits with your human brain and heart at play.


Use AI to generate a poem that commemorates a special event or moment for your team.  Create a special memory in seconds by guiding these tools to something that your team will cherish.

About the Author: Leigh Ann Rodgers, Founder of Better Teams, Team Consultant Academy, and FORWARD, is an IAF Certified Professional Facilitator with 20 years of experience in the human development field. Leigh Ann is a skilled meeting facilitator, trainer, and coach working across the globe to help leaders cultivate teams that are happy and high-performing.

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