Executive & Leadership Coaching

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Executive coaching is a powerful tool that can help you build happy and high-performing teams, as well as develop the skills you need to become a more effective leader.

We believe that leaders are fulfilled when they make positive contributions while building meaningful connections. Coaching is a catalyst for game-changing self-awareness and growth that results in personal and professional success.

Coaching Approach

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Leigh Ann blends her skills as a coach and trainer to support leaders in identifying a clear path to build happy and successful careers and teams. Through coaching, she partners with leaders to identify mental blocks, resolve issues, and reach goals with her positive, encouraging energy, and thought-provoking questions. Coaching sessions include structured reflection, identification of new perspectives, skill building, action planning, and accountability. As a result of coaching with Leigh Ann, clients become more focused, energized, resilient, and confident.

Benefits of Executive Coaching

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  • Improved Leadership Skills: Executive Coaching can help you develop a wide range of leadership skills, from communication and collaboration to strategic thinking and decision-making.

  • Enhanced Self-Awareness: Through the coaching process, you’ll gain greater self-awareness, which allows you to recognize your strengths and opportunity areas, and make the necessary changes to become a more effective leader.

  • Increased Productivity and Performance: By improving your leadership skills and developing greater self-awareness, you will enhance your productivity and performance, which can have a positive impact on the entire organization.

  • Improved Team Dynamics: Executive coaching can help you build happy and high-performing teams by developing stronger communication, collaboration, and team building skills.

Process of Executive Coaching

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  1. Assessment: The coaching process typically begins with an assessment of the your current strengths and opportunity areas, as well as your personal goals and objectives

  2. Goal-Setting: Based on the assessment, you and your coach will work together to set specific, measurable goals for the coaching process.

  3. Coaching Sessions: You’ll schedule a series of one-on-one coaching sessions, usually twice a month for six or more months, depending on your goals and needs.

  4. Action Planning: Throughout the coaching process, you will develop specific action plans for achieving your goals and objectives.

  5. Accountability: The coach provides ongoing accountability and support to support you to stay on track and make progress toward your goals.

At Better Teams, our Executive Coaching services are customized to meet the unique needs of each leader. We work closely with our clients to develop specific goals and action plans and provide ongoing support and accountability to help them achieve their objectives. Contact us today to learn more about how executive coaching can benefit you and your organization.


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“Coaching with Leigh Ann Rodgers has been a transformative journey that fortified my confidence and enhanced my leadership brand. Leigh Ann’s unique talent lies in her sincere and perceptive listening abilities, enabling her to decipher subtle messages and adeptly reframe my approach to challenges. I would highly recommend Leigh Ann to leaders looking to elevate their voice, hone strategic thinking, and craft a personal brand that fuels their ascent in both their personal and professional lives.”

Senior Leader, US Government Agency


“Leigh Ann Rodgers has been an invaluable guide in my leadership journey over the last three years. Her coaching has empowered me to devise solutions and confidently navigate challenges, reinforcing my belief in my own leadership abilities. Through Leigh Ann’s coaching, I’ve gained a profound understanding of the role of motives, values, and cognitive diversity in team performance, which has significantly enhanced collaboration within my team. Her coaching has also equipped me with essential skills to manage external situations that could impact my group’s performance. I am deeply grateful for Leigh Ann’s transformative coaching; it’s a partnership I wouldn’t trade for anything.”

Deputy Chief

Deputy Branch Chief, Public Health Agency 

Kim Brame

“At first I didn’t think that I needed ‘coaching’. I was wrong. In fact, I need a lot of coaching, still do. Leigh Ann became my mirror. She helped me see areas that I was impeding my own growth. As my industry has changed I have had to adapt. When our sessions were over I had an entirely new perspective on how to move forward. Leigh Ann worked with me to enhance the skills that I already possessed, but just could not bring to the surface on my own. I needed help and Leigh Ann guided me and helped me get out of my way.”


Creative Illusions Productions

John Davenport

“Leigh Ann did a magnificent job throughout the 360 feedback and coaching process! She is a highly attentive and thoughtful listener, and her coaching and suggestions were immensely helpful in fine-tuning my approaches to leadership and management. I would strongly recommend her to anyone desiring to grow as a leader!”

Vice President of Operations

Safe-Guard Products International