Meet Leigh Ann Rodgers, M.Ed., CPF, CVF

Better Teams

Extensive Experience in:

  • Facilitating team building workshops
  • Executive Coaching
  • Learning & Development design and delivery of leadership and communication training
  • Virtual meeting facilitation

Leigh Ann is a thought-leader in maximizing employee engagement and improving team dynamics. She has been recognized by leaders around the world for the ability to get tough and resistant teams to open up and participate actively. As an IAF Certified Professional Facilitator with 20 years of experience in the human development field, Leigh Ann is a skilled coach, trainer, and meeting facilitator working in North America, Canada, Europe and Asia with numerous Fortune Global 500 companies to help leaders cultivate cultures that are both highly productive and positive.

For over two decades, Leigh Ann has cultivated a passion for people and teams. Motivated to provide solutions for the common challenges that all leaders and organizations face, she channeled her passions into creating the Better Teams Model and Assessment which includes five components, all critical for a high-performing team: Alignment, Readiness, Happiness, Leadership, and Trust. She has also founded Team Consultant Academy and Forward Membership to support the development of professionals serving leaders and teams.

Leigh Ann

Leigh Ann has been recognized for her volunteer service, serving as the Vice President of Programming for the Southeast Association of Facilitators where she was honored with the President’s Award for two consecutive years.

Leigh Ann lives on St. Simons Island with her husband, cat, and two boys when they are home on college breaks. Her happy place is The Farm, an animal sanctuary, where she volunteers to help care for the horses, a mule, goats, pigs, and cats. Rex, a blind horse, is her favorite, though Clarke a pig who will sit on command for treats is a close second.

What Leigh Ann’s Clients Say About Her

Better Teams

Denise Bottcher

My team is split between two cities and there can be competition. This can create tension, combativeness, and unresolved conflict. Leigh Ann was able to create a trusting environment and facilitate an honest conversation with my team. I was surprised how vulnerable each of them allowed themselves to be. Leigh Ann helped us to brainstorm solutions to our communication problems. We also devised an implementation plan that has made lasting changes to our team. We have continued to invite Leigh Ann back to our team retreats because of her ability to strengthen teams, improve communication, and inspire new thinking.

State Director
AARP Louisiana

Kimberley Haver

Leigh Ann partnered with me to develop a full-day program to help a disparate group of coworkers become a more enlightened and collaborative team. Using the DISC assessment and her superior facilitation skills, Leigh Ann enabled a powerful combination of self-discovery and meaningful mutual discovery. The candor, receptivity, and acceptance she helped unlock has had a lasting impact on the team. In the 9 months since our session, we have seen an improvement in collaboration, team engagement, and business results. Leigh Ann is equal parts genuine, intuitive, empathetic, and effective.

Vice President – Merchandising

Nicole Lindsay

We worked through a very packed agenda over the last few days. But, as we learned from folks over dinner last night, the session you led was among the most appreciated and – almost certainly – the most critical. Indeed, we have welcome external facilitators in the past. However, we’ve rarely received such strong feedback on both the facilitation and the activities – well-deserved praise, especially given the very short turnaround time and tight schedule.

Vice President, Strategy & Operations

Erick K. Marmolejo, Ph.D.

Having successfully partnered with Leigh Ann in a prior organization, I knew, if anyone could help us chart a unifying course, it was Leigh Ann. She listened, emphasized, clarified, was open to feedback, and quickly prescribed and coordinated what turned out to be precisely what the team needed. She identified opportunities to build trust among the team members, helped to design a workshop to develop key skills in facilitation and consulting and even went above and beyond by helping us identify a much-needed team cohesion event that people still talk about in the hallways today. Leigh Ann is my a go-to resource for help when it comes to developing excellence in team cohesion, consultation, and facilitation.

Senior Manager, Sales Capability Development
Whirlpool Corporation