How We Help Team Leaders

Our mission is simple: to provide team leaders and team members with the concepts, training, ideas and techniques to make their teams better. We fill the gap between doing nothing to better your team and more traditional longer form (and expensive) programs and workshops. Don’t get us wrong – we believe longer form programs have their place. However, we know that quick, mindful activities that are done as small events or integrated into everyday team interactions have a huge long term impact.

Many of the services we provide are free. For example, our Quick Connect™ activities are published periodically via video and email. Sign-up here to receive them.

Check out how we can help – ranging from free do-it-yourself activities to those more in-depth workshops .


  • QuickConnects™

    Team building activities usually done in under 30 minutes designed to align, improve, and build trust within a team. Get them now.

  • Team Building Ideas

    Ideas and inspiration for team leaders published at least once a week. Check out our latest ones here.

  • Team Building in-a-box

    An innovative game-like activity to better understand team member communication styles. Learn more about it here.

  • Mini-Course for New Team Leaders

    Learn the four most critical things that a new team leader must do in the first 30 days in this free online mini-course. Get it now.

Facilitated Workshops:

  • Team Communication

    A one-day workshop where your team’s DISC styles will be used to learn how to effectively communicate with each other.

  • Masterful Meetings

    A one-day workshop designed to make the most out of your meetings.

  • Custom Workshops

    We will design workshop(s) to address your specific needs.

  • IS Management Right For Me?

    Explore what it takes to be an effective leader and whether it is a path for you. Learn more about this course.


  • 1-on-1

    Having a specific team issue or need to talk through an action plan to improve your team’s performance? We provide coaching and consultation specifically for your needs.