Team Building in a box

An activity designed to improve the way teams work together

Be the hero of your own story next off-site, retreat, or team building workshop.

  • Reduce Conflicts
  • Strengthen Relationships
  • Identify Opportunities
  • Define Action Steps
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Team Bonding

Facilitate An Engaging & Impactful Activity That Will Make You A Rock Star

Saves you time

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With this tool and a detailed step-by-step leader guide, you’ll be ready-to-deliver with less than an hour of prep.

Experience ongoing success

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Once you have the tool, you can run this workshop with as many teams as you want. Just purchase a Refill Kit for additional supplies.

Easy to use

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Activities can be adapted to work for teams of all sizes and types by facilitators of all levels—no special knowledge of DISC required.

Simple, effective, interactive…FANTASTIC!
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Nadine Doyle
Professional Facilitator
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The DISC-based activity includes everything you need for up to 10 people at a time.

Team Building Box
  • Full color, detailed Leader’s Guide
  • 10 sets of full color workbooks
  • Deck of DISC Communication Styles Cards
  • Full color office poster
  • All the supplies needed for a full, interactive experience

Your Basic Kit can be used for multiple teams, just purchase a Refill Kit for more supplies.

How It Works

  • Order the kit
  • Facilitate a workshop
  • Be equipped with an activity that you can use with multiple teams

(just purchase a Refill Kit)
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Choose Your Team Building Kit

Every team, organization, and facilitator has different needs. Team Building In-A-Box has a variety of options to work for you.

Basic Kit

For teams up to 10

Includes everything you need to crush your next off-site, retreat, or team-building workshop for a team of up to 10 people.

(You can always purchase Refill Kits to work with more teams in the future.)

Deluxe Kit

*Our best deal*

When “basic” just won’t do. The Deluxe Kit includes everything in the Basic Kit for one facilitator to lead 2 teams of up to 10 people.

(You can always purchase Refill Kits to work with more teams in the future.)

Premium Kit

*Starts at

Whether you have special circumstances, a large group, multiple teams, or maybe you need an outside voice to aid in facilitation of a workshop, let us design a plan to fit your unique needs.

team building in a box satisfaction guarantee

Better Teams stands behind this product and the benefits it will bring to your organization.

Should you not be completely satisfied we will refund 100% of your purchase cost less shipping.

Don’t settle for another bland, surface-level workshop that fails to produce lasting results!

Team Building In-A-Box gives you the cure for the common team building event. Why spend hours isolated and alone with the pressure of developing your own program, when you can have an all-in-one team development solution delivered to your door in 3 days or less? Don’t put up with ineffective retreats any longer, buy Team Building In-A-Box today and get rave reviews from the team tomorrow!

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