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June 25, 2021
Appropriate Length for a Lunch Break in an All Day Online Meeting?
Before the pandemic, 99.9% of all-day meetings and training sessions I facilitated were in person. When it came to lunchtime, I found the sweet spot to […]
June 24, 2021
How to Overcome Feeling Overwhelmed
How to Overcome Feeling Overwhelmed Being stressed out or feeling overwhelmed is a common challenge that we face as humans. It can even make us sick. […]
April 29, 2021
Getting the Meeting Timing and Breaks Right is Important
Hosting a virtual meeting, such as trainings or conferences, requires different timing than in-person events. People’s stamina in the virtual space is often reduced. Being online […]
March 26, 2021
7 Simple Ways to Improve Your Appearance on Video Calls
Now that much of our days are spent on video calls, it’s important to think about how we can maximize our appearance. When we are doing […]
March 19, 2021
How to Choose the Best Collaboration Tool for Your Virtual Meeting
As the tools and platforms used for a virtual meeting increase and expand with new features on a weekly basis, it is also true that people […]
March 12, 2021
Add Energy to Your Virtual Meeting with Time to Move
In a virtual meeting, we need to provide our participants time to move! While in-person, we move around to whiteboards, charts, and all corners of the […]
March 5, 2021
How to Brainstorm Using Disney’s Creative Strategy
Walt Disney is famous for his ability to transform incredibly creative ideas into profitable realities. The process he used to brainstorm and develop theme parks and […]
February 26, 2021
Team Activity about Diversity and Inclusion: I Am, But I Am Not
Team Activity about Diversity and Inclusion: I Am, But I Am Not Guest Blogger: Diana Gurwicz Are you preparing to facilitate a Diversity and Inclusion workshop […]
February 19, 2021
Virtual Meetings: 3 Ways to Manage Video Call Fatigue
Virtual Meetings: 3 Ways to Manage Video Call Fatigue Now that turning on our videos in virtual meetings has become the norm, we face a new […]
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