4 Critical Things New Team Leaders Must Do
In The First 30 Days

A FREE mini-course to show you how to align your team and establish trust

Leigh Ann Rodgers, CPF

Hi, let me help you quickly transition into your new leadership role. In this mini-course, I'll share four critical best practices I've learned over the last 20 years leading teams, as well as training and coaching leaders. You will learn what you can do in the first 30 days to set yourself and your team up for success - and I'll even share with you some value-add team building activities you can do with your team. I promise, if you implement these actions you will win the trust and respect of your team!

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Your Guide to Starting Your Leadership Journey

Being a new team leader can be overwhelming! We’ve created a simple system to you set you and your team up for success. Implement these four actions and you'll be on your way to aligning your team, establishing trust, and fostering the right culture.

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