Team Members who want to advance sometimes assume the only option is to move into management.

Yet, many find they are not prepared for this shift and/or they do not enjoy managing people.

Why This Course:

This experiential course gives team members the opportunity to explore:

 What are leadership competencies (and do I stack up)?

 What is the day-to-day life of a manager like?

 Do I want to manage people or be a “leader in place” with no direct reports?

 What are the skills I need to develop to be ready for my next career step?

As a result, participants leave the course clearer about whether or not they want to be a manager, and with clearly defined individualized next steps.

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Learn About:

Participants will go through a process of self-discovery, exploring what it means to be an effective manager, the experiences and skills they need to acquire and how to demonstrate their accomplishments when interviewing.

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Ideal For:

High potential employees who are considering leadership roles.

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This is a one-day course.

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Workbook full of practical, fun and easily adaptable ideas.

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A. Getting Started

B. Understanding the Role of a Manager

C. Clarifying Your Options

D. Assessing Your Readiness

E. Preparing for Your Next Role

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