A Great Team Activity to Reflect on Beginnings and Endings

At any given time there are experiences we are having that are beginning (rising) or ending (sunsetting). Reflecting on beginnings and endings as a team can be cathartic and is a way to acknowledge changes and recognize any emotions that go along with them. This team building activity gives people the opportunity to talk about things that are beginning and ending. It can be a reflective moment and a way to check in about how people are doing personally or how the team is doing.

The sunrise is symbolic of the beginning of something new and the sunset represents the ending of day. Simply choose the question below you want your team to answer and give everyone the opportunity to share their responses.

Personal questions to get to know each other better:

For you, what is something that is rising or in the early stages? What is something that is setting or in the final stages? How do you feel about these changes?

Individual work-related questions:

What is something you are working on that is just beginning? What is something that you are working on that you are starting to wrap up? How do you feel about this?

Team-related Questions:

Thinking about our team, what are we beginning to do? What are we ready to sunset? How do you feel about these things?

About the Author: Leigh Ann Rodgers, Founder of Better Teams, Team Consultant Academy, and FORWARD, is an IAF Certified Professional Facilitator with 20 years of experience in the human development field. Leigh Ann is a skilled meeting facilitator, trainer, and coach working across the globe to help leaders cultivate teams that are happy and high-performing.

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