How does your team stack up?

Quickly identify your team's strengths & challenges and co-create action plans to build a happy, high-performing team.


What You Get With This Online Assessment

A cost-effective report to generate insights about your team.

  • Includes a Debrief Guide

    Step-by-step Leaders Guide with detailed instructions so that anyone can coach the team through productive debrief.

  • High-Quality Team Report

    Organized, easy-to-understand 20-page team report describing how the team members perceive the team.

  • Measurable Data

    Baseline data with the option to measure improvements over time.

  • No certification required

    Better  Teams does NOT require expensive, time-consuming training and certification making this an affordable, easy option for you.


I've Made It As Easy As Possible

A needs analysis tool designed to maximize everyone's time and produce measurable results.

  • 1

    Order an online assessment for your team.

    Just click the "Add to Cart" button on this page to complete your purchase for teams up to 20 people. (If more than 20, reach out to me for options at

  • 2

    Send your team their link to the online questionnaire.

    You have two choices: (1) You can send the link directly to your team OR (2) You provide me with emails and I will send the link to your team.

  • 3

    Team members complete the online assessment.

    Most people complete the assessment in 15 minutes. The input is completely anonymous. You'll receive a PDF team report within 48 business hours once all assessments are completed.

  • 4

    Meet to debrief the team report.

    Simply follow the included PDF Leaders Debrief Guide to coach your team through a productive debrief meeting that results in actions. Plan for 2-4 hours.

  • 5

    (Optional) Repeat the process 4-6 months later.

    You can order another assessment to see how much progress the team has made. The second report can be compared to the original to measure improvements.


About the Team Coaching Assessment

The team assessment aligns with the Better Teams Model developed by Leigh Ann Rodgers, CPF and is based on her experience working with teams for over 20 years.

The Better Teams model is composed of five critical areas necessary for a high-functioning team: leadership, alignment, readiness, happiness and trust. The questionnaire includes 6 multiple choice questions for each of the 5 areas plus 5 open-ended questions - a total of 35 questions.

Your team's responses to the questionnaire will be compiled into a single, anonymous team report that you will use to stimulate discussions about how the team is doing and what the team wants to do to increase their productivity, efficiency and satisfaction. You can use this like a needs analysis and in place of individual interviews with each team member.

Are you a Team Coach, Facilitator or L&D Professional?

The Better Teams Online Coaching Assessment will save you hours of time!  We will provide you with a thorough, easy-to-understand team report (20-pages) that you will explore with your team.  The report is all about them - and teams and leaders love this because it identifies things to celebrate as well as some blind spots.

Using the included Leaders Guide (or your own process) you will facilitate team discussions to help unearth issues and collaborate on solutions.  And, its measurable - so you can opt to have a team re-assess several months later to see how they are improving (and prove the value of your coaching)!


Best Value & Easy to Use

Zero in on the critical issues so you can knock your team building out of the park!  You'll empower and engage your team because they get to interpret the results and determine what actions to take. All you need to do is follow the simple debrief guide and facilitate the discussion to help the team create strategies and actions that they own.

The Better Teams Assessment is the best value on the market and one of the easiest team assessments to use!


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