Top 10 Team Activities from 2019

Almost every week, we share team related activities and blogs to help you build happy and high-performing teams.

Here are our most popular team activities shared in 2019. 

Each activity is designed to be simple, interesting, and purposeful.

  1. Mad Tea Party (with examples) – Get a large group moving and connecting about any topic
  2. Nemesis: Reframing Challenging Relationships –  Change mindsets about  challenging relationships
  3. Activity: Step in the Circle – Build trust with your team members while energizing them
  4. Activity: Laughable Moments  –  Get everyone laughing
  5. Activity: Fly Your Team to New Heights and Improve Your Team Productivity – Increase your team’s productivity
  6. All About Me & All About Us  – Learn about each other
  7. Prioritize Ideas with a PICK Chart  – Prioritizing after brainstorming
  8. Using the GROW Coaching Model with Teams – Coach your team to success
  9. I Scream for Ice Cream with My Team – Fun and tasty way to bond with your team
  10. How to Plan an Outdoor Scavenger Hunt –  Have an exciting  adventure

Which activity will you try with your team?

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