Top 10 Team Activities in 2018

Enjoy some of the best team activities shared by Better Teams in 2018.  Each one is designed to be simple, interesting and purposeful.

Top 10 Team Activities from 2018:

  1. The Songs of My Life  – Ideal for the beginning of the year
  2. Rock It!  – Celebrate each other
  3. Forced Choice  – Take the pulse of a group
  4. People Mapping – Learn about each other while moving around
  5. Think-Pair-Square-Share  – Brainstorming
  6. Candy Match Up  – Fun icebreaker
  7. Questions to Assimilate New Team Members
  8. Team Reflections  – Review a project or a period of time
  9. Pictures from the Past – Get to know team members
  10. Best Team Culture – Establish team norms

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