5 Ways to Express Gratitude at Work in 5 Minutes (or less)

We all share a need to be appreciated and significant.  One simple way to ensure your team feels like they matter is to express sincere gratitude to them.

Growing research about the act of gratitude tells us it builds self-esteem, improves relationships, reduces depression, and even helps us sleep better!

The good news is it easy to do.

Here are 5 simple ways to let your colleagues know what you appreciate about them:

  1. Spontaneously text your team members and let them know what specific thing they did (or do) that you appreciate about them.
  2. In a team meeting, tell each person one thing you appreciate about them. Do this at any meeting “just because” or as a capstone activity at the end of a project or event.
  3. Give (or mail) your team mate a hand written thank you note. As an option, include a gift card for a coffee or meal.
  4. If someone on the team has gone above and beyond, get a card and ask the entire team to write a note in the card. Then, present it to them as a team.
  5. At a team meeting, ask each person to share one thing about the team for which they are grateful.

Take the Gratitude Challenge and implement one of the ideas above in the next 24 hours!  See how good it makes you feel (not to mention your team).

Please share more ideas for expressing gratitude in the comments box below.









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