Photo Metaphors: Connect the Team to the Agenda Topic

Using photos to stimulate ideas or conversation is one of my favorite facilitator activities.  It’s super easy to do and I find most people really enjoy and connect with the visual aspects of this engagement.

All you need are some interesting photos.  You can purchase a set of photo cards, or use your own.  Feel free to use the three images I’ve included.

There are countless ways to do this.  Here is one way to get you started.


  1. Gather the image(s) you want to use. (You may use the images at the bottom of this blog.)
  2. Determine the question you will ask your team.


  1. Display the image(s) for your team.
  2. Select ONE question from below (or develop your own):
    1. Choose a card that reflects how you feel about [meeting topic].
    2. Choose a card that reflects your hopes for today’s meeting/workshop.
    3. Choose a card that reflects what [meeting topic] means to you personally.
  3. Ask the selected question and instruct them to individually choose one card that represents their response to the question.
  4. Give the group 1 minute to select their cards.
  5. Ask each person to show the card they selected and explain why they selected it.
  6. Debrief by asking the group:
    1. Did you hear any common themes among the responses?
    2. Given what has been shared, is there anything we need to be mindful of today?


  • Encourage people, not to over think their choice.
  • There are NO wrong answers here – so be encouraging and positively acknowledge each comment.


Post the images on a shared computer screen.

Please share other creative ways to use photo metaphors in the comments below!

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